Degree in Forestry Sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture, Florence University in 1987, founder member of ‘StudioSilva S.r.l, of which he is currently the President. Since 1988 he has been working in design and environmental consulting, urban planning and the planning and management of forest resources. He has been the general coordinator of the service related to increasing knowledge on biodiversity of the sites of the” Natura 2000 Network” of Emilia-Romagna region, as well as the editor of management plans and conservation measures for over 100 “Natura 2000” sites throughout the nation. He has gained considerable experience regarding the methods of investigation, analysis and recovery of fauna, flora and vegetation.
Degree in Forestry Sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture, Florence University. In 1992 he began his professional career in territorial planning with special skills in the study of urban plans land use planning and urban development planning. In 1995 he was hired by the "Studio Silva Associates" as head of management control and Project Manager of landscape design, environmental redevelopment and upgrading and expert in the use of naturalistic engineering techniques Consultant to local government as expert in planning and management of urban green areas. In 2002 he became member, vice president and technical manager of "StudioSilva S.r.l." As a landscape designer he has developed, over the years, many important experiences working for the redevelopment of public spaces, historical gardens restoration of urban green planning. Project manager of complex projects for the redevelopment and exploitation of public and private areas. The past experience as a Local Administrator and a thorough knowledge of the dynamics and problems of the Public Administration have helped in honing the method for offering solutions even in terms of procedures assistance He also deals with environmental monitoring of major projects not to mention the support in environmental and landscape redevelopment and studies on Environmental Impact.
Degree in Forestry Sciences at the Faculty of Agriculture, Florence University in 1989.He has worked in forest planning, having also gained significant experience in construction management, redevelopment of degraded areas (consolidations, upgrading green areas). He’s Technical Consultant of the Court of Novara and Verbania, former Director expert on forestry, appointed by Piedmont Region, at the Institute of Management of Parks and Natural Reserves of Lake Maggiore and the Park “Lame del Sesia”, Vice President of Forestry Association of Piedmont (AFP), as well as partner of the major technical and scientific associations in the environmental field (AIPIN, SIEP, etc.)
Paolo Rigoni
operations manager | environmental planning

Marco Sassatelli
vice president
operations manager | landscape design

Mattia Busti
operations manager | promotion and research