More than ten years after its establishment, StudioSilva S.r.l. represents a solid national reality for environmental design and landscape planning. The ability to develop partnerships with architects, urban planners, engineering companies even of international importance, has led the Company to the realization of planning tools and projects throughout the country. Thanks to its long lasting experience, StudioSilva Srl has developed a highly specialized curriculum with over 500 clients and a strong component of activities and projects developed for the public administration. StudioSilva Srl counts, among its clients, more than twenty National and Regional Parks and about two hundred positions among which Regions and Local Authorities.StudioSilva Srl is experienced in carrying out landscape studies and projects, spatial planning, monitoring and management of natural resources, restoration projects and environmental regeneration, planning and specialized studies of protected areas, feasibility studies, forestry, agronomic studies, environmental impact assessment and mitigation, development of information systems and GIS, both throughout the country and abroad.